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Online Electonics Shopping For Best Christmas Presents – Garmin 305 Forerunner For The Athlete

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Why online electronics shopping? Because the best buys at bargain basement prices are online!

Let’s suppose you want the best Christmas presents for the athlete/fitness fanatic on your list. You peruse the electronics bestsellers and discover several amazing gadgets – elliptical machines, mp3 players (for entertainment), and motivational tools like the Garmin Forerunner 305.

You consider buying a Garmin GPS Forerunner 305 at Not only is the price much better than a retail store, you get all the information you can possibly want about the Garmin Forerunner 305 – including feature descriptions and hundreds of independent reviews.

What’s Unique About The Garmin Forerunner 305?

Let’s do a walkthru of the main benefits of this state-of-the art workout tool. First, unlike other models that CLAIM to fit on your wrist, this one is small enough. From my experience, wearing a training tool on your upper arm feels more than a little awkward.

Second, the Forerunner 305 tracks heartrate. So what? The run of the mill sports tool does not track lap and average heartrate, and heartrate zones like the Forerunner.

Why is this important?

The most recent research favors interval training, and a sophisticated monitor is a must to measure and maximixe performance.

Next, this sportwatch contains performance tracking software to determine if you are meeting your pre-set targets. This is why it’s a true motivational tool – you can record key factors such as calories burned, distance, elevation, grade, and lap and pace modes.

And just when you are thinking – will it pay my pay my bills, too (unfortunately it will not) – you find out it’s capable of basic navigation functions like mapping and routing.


The majority of reviews for this training tool are positive – as of this writing, 1373 out of 1520 (90%) buyer reviews are 4 or 5 stars (5 is the highest). My recommendation is to read the Most Helpful Reviews first, and then decide if this is the best sportwatch value for the money.

In a few minutes, you can make an informed purchase decision about the Forerunner 305 without leaving the comfort of your easy chair. Ain’t online electronics shopping grand!

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Power Point – 7 Barriers to Power Point Presentations That Your Audiences Don’t Hate

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Do you automatically open your Power Point templates every time you get ready for a business presentation or speech? Power Point has become the medium of choice of speakers giving business presentations today yet most audiences will say they don’t like it.

Here are 7 common barriers to making your Power Point presentations work for your audiences and how to overcome them.

The starting point for every presentation you write is to ask the question: “What does the audience care about?” The answer must be about a pain or difficult situation they are facing and how you can help them face it. Once you know the answer, you can overcome the barriers to bad Power Point presentations.

#1) Too many bullets: You load your slides with bullets because you don’t want to forget something that the audience needs to know.

Solution: Be ruthless in examining whether they really need to know it all. They will not be tested on your content. Remember these sayings still apply: “less is more” and “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

#2) Bullets are too long: You write full sentences with two or three thoughts in each one.

Solution: Make your bullets short and comprised of only nouns and adjectives. “Highest quality help desk” says a lot more than “We offer highly trained help desk staff and the help desk is staffed 18 hours per day.”

#3) Complicated graphics: your graphics depict every detailed step you would talk about if you were training someone in the process.

Solution: Get way to up to 50,000 feet. Your audience will get the lay of the land. Then you spend your speaking time making the full story interesting and compelling and based on your expertise.

#4) Too much information: you are presenting not teaching

Solution: Go back to your answer to the question “What does the audience care about?” Then only give them the information that provides a solution to the thing they care about. No history or an overview or the background. Just the content that is narrowly focused on addressing their current problem or issue.

#5) Special effects: the IT folks who developed Power Point get their job satisfaction from creating more bells and whistles.

Solution: Special effects belong in movies not in your presentation. They force you to distort your expertise and ruin your ability to deliver a compelling presentation that works for your audience (see “What does your audience care about?”). Keep it simple-no builds, no flying text, just lots of white space surrounding your carefully thought out short list of short bullets.

#6) Hard to see: there’s a huge difference between what looks great on your computer and what projects well.

Solution: Use the tried and true rules of the road: fonts 12 point or larger; no italics; light text on dark background; large graphics and photos; non-custom colors.

#7) Badly presented: Even the best written power point deck can fail to move the audience if the presenter is poor.


  • Speak only about what you know
  • Double the amount of time you think you need to practice
  • Do not use pointers. If you must call attention to something on the screen, gesture towards it with your hand.
  • Remember: you are the presentation and the slide deck is your back up. Speak towards the audience and tell them what is important or interesting

#7.5) Using slides when you don’t need them: Not every bit of your spoken content needs to be covered by a slide.

Solution: Insert some blank blue slides into your deck at the places when you’re going to tell a story or use a prop or invite audience participation.

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A Presentation Needs to Be a Present to Your Audience

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Have you ever gotten a gift from someone that doesn’t fit who you are? You may have found you were more irritated to receive something that was so unlike you than it would have been to receive nothing at all. Why? Isn’t a present a present?

Not if it actually blocks the relationship or is one more reminder of how little you really notice about the other person. You want to make sure that whatever you give fits that person, makes them feel more connected to you and demonstrates that you truly have noticed their own tastes and uniqueness. But surprisingly what most of us do is give people gifts that WE would want to receive.

I see this all the time with presentations. I see people presenting their information in a way they think is neat and exciting. Questions from audience are often treated as irritating interruptions and I see audiences shut down time and again.

Your presentation should be a PRESENT to your audience and involve their PRESENCE. You shouldn’t talk AT your audience but rather WITH them.

If your time is focused on delivering a PRESENT to your listener that they will want to hold, listen to, and play with then you are on the right track. Relook at your presentation and see it from the recipient’s side. Will they want it? If not, how can you modify it so they do want it? Does it add value to the recipient? Does it invite them in?

Challenge yourself to review your next presentation and make sure it is truly a PRESENT the audience will value.

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Presentations Done the Easy Way

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In the workplace, it will often occur that you may have to make a presentation. Whether it is to your boss or to your co-workers or even a large unidentifiable crowd, you want to make sure that you are well prepared and ready to give a great presentation. A great presentation has something for everybody to look at so your entire audience is not trying to squint at a PowerPoint screen. For this great feature you will want to print brochures and possibly hold them in nice looking presentation folders. These small and inexpensive adjustments can make a world of difference when it comes to putting together the perfect presentation.

Not only is it imperative to have the right materials for a presentation but it is also very important to create the right mood and feel for your audience. You do not want you audience to feel uptight and stressed but you also do not want them falling asleep with their feet up on the desk. It is important to not only capture their attention but to also hold their gaze for the entire presentation, so that you can get your entire point across without boring the room to death with your statistics.

In this type of meeting you want to look professional, but you also want everyone to remember you as the guy they can go to or the guy who can easily get something done. If you leave a good and lasting impression on your authorities and co-workers, you can look ahead to good things in your future with your company. When you get dressed in the morning, getting ready for your presentation, do not think about what you are going to say and just go with the flow. If you can put a good look on and feel confident enough to carry your good attitude and personality, then you should have no problem carrying out a simple speech on company statistics.

One thing that you also should not worry too much about is your boss. Yes it is important to make sure that you do a good job for your boss, but do not make that your main goal and focus. Work hard and display your hard efforts throughout your presentation; this will show your boss that you have been working hard and that you deserve a good old congratulations. Your boss will appreciate the hard work you have put forth, and if your pitch is a success, he might even like you enough to promote you.

Presentations are a breeze as long as you can use the right materials and are able to come to work confident and prepared, ready to take on your audience. Your look, your tone, attitude and confidence are always extremely important when you are trying to sell an idea. Your enthusiasm and confidence is key to making a lasting impression as well as a good name for yourself. Keeping up that type of work will not only land you some sort of promotion, but can also guarantee you that you will be a valued employee.

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Effective Presentation Skills – How to Build Them

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Have you even tried to sell goods and have found yourself being rebuffed all the day? Have you ever tried to address a gathering and found yourself stammering or feeling dry throated? Have you ever gone to an interview and found that that your palms are sweating because of nervousness? What about the time that you were trying to show off products of a company but found the doors being slammed by each and everyone you approached? The amazing thing was that your colleague was able to show off those same products to the same group of persons the next day.

The product was not at fault. It was your skills or rather, the lack of it, which caused you to get rejected. You also lacked in self confidence which is vital in such situations. Building presentation skills is vital in today’s world. You have to get your point across to others in a calm and confident manner. Some people are born lucky with such skills, but the majority does not.

It is not that you or for that matter anyone else does not have in them what is requires to communicate. All of us are born with these skills. We need to hone them for it to be effective. There are a number of books on this subject which you can read and follow the guideline provided in them to enhance your presentation skills. However, you also need to talk with others while communicating with them and this skill can never be gained by reading books.

The printed manuals will surely help to put you on the right track by guiding you how to approach a person and how to change tracks depending on their mood. For building up on your oratory skills, you can try purchasing some videos that will guide you step by step on how to use speech effectively while talking with a client. However, if you want to gain the ultimate in effective presentation skills, then it is recommended that you opt in for a course with any online institutions that impart training.

These institutions have various types of presentation skills training courses that are tailor made for people like you. These courses will help you to regain back your confidence and brush up your oratory skills. When you complete these courses you’ll find the true benefits of effective presentation skills.

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