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Expiring Passports and applying for immigration

Jan 14 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Yes, you can apply for immigration; if you do not require a visa, you can apply for temporary residence at a Canadian port of entry. There is no rule that prevents you from entering if your passport isn’t valid for at least six months; however, timing is critical because your status will be limited to the term of your passport at the most extreme.

What constitutes a valid visa application?

A valid visa application is one that is submitted on the approved application form (if any) for the specified type of visa for a specific class of visa. All of the instructions on the document have been followed.

When submitting a visa application, you must include the following documents:

A travel journal
Recent ID photos
The supporting documents (originals and duplicates) are determined by your situation and your agreement.

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The bittersweet Amaretto Liqueur

Jan 14 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Amaretto can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be drunk neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It is also often used as a topping or garnish for desserts. The most popular way to enjoy amaretto is in the form of an Amaretto Sour cocktail. This refreshing drink is made with amaretto, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Amaretto was first introduced in the 1500s in Saronno, Italy. The liqueur was originally made by monks as a medicinal tonic. However, it wasn’t long before the people of Saronno began to enjoy the liqueur for its flavor. Amaretto became so popular that it spread to other parts of Italy and eventually to the rest of Europe.

These days this liqueur comes in many brands, such as:

Cocktails made with Amaretto liqueur include:

Amaretto Sour.
Amaretto Margarita.
Amaretto Martini.
Amaretto Stone Sour.

In addition, the Amaretto Margarita is perfect for those who love tequila cocktails. It is made with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and amaretto. The Amaretto Martini is a classic cocktail that everyone will love. It is made with vodka, dry vermouth, and amaretto.

If you are looking for a unique and delicious tropical liqueur to add to your collection, then look no further than amaretto. This bittersweet liqueur is sure to please everyone’s palate. From classic cocktails to new favorites, amaretto is a versatile ingredient that is perfect for any occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

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Put your heads down only to admire your kids sandals

Jan 14 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Telling your kids to put on the right shoes is a major part of parenting, if you have observed. Yes, that is also the reason why you should know more about the best kids sandals.

Age and footwear

There are different sizes, colors, designs, styles and materials with what the kids sandals are made. If you are enjoying a wet hiking with your kids, then there are special type of sandals for that. If it is a toddler then the free running sandals shall be apt. water play designs, and outdoor playing styles are on hot demand. Crocs swift wear are fashionable. There are stronger models to be durable and suitable for the kids who are above 11. So, kids sandals of your kind shall be attractive and functional at the same time, regardless of the brand repute.

Cut down the heat on the feet

If you want to wear the best slipper for summer, then open-toe designs will be your best option. If the heel and also the toe areas are open, then there is sufficient air passing through the foot. If there is sufficient circulation in the legs and other parts of the body, then it keeps you comfortable during the summer.

A closed slipper is nothing but another type of shoe. You don’t need a shoe, though. On top of that, if you are not going to wear knee socks, this is going to cause excessive sweat on your feet. This can eventually create a foul smell. So avoid cheesy foot and any other related problems that can arise because of excessive sweating during the summer by wearing open-heeled slippers. For starters, flip-flops are the best option. There are multiple varieties of slipper for Summer that are available now.

Stroll in the park

Depending upon the type of flip flop that you choose for your beach walk, you will enjoy the greatest comfort. At the same time, we need to look into the durability of the particular sandals as well. This footwear must be long-lasting in order to withstand wear and tear. You are going to get it wet on the sandy beaches and on the walks with it sometimes in the summer. If that is the case, then you should not find it uncomfortable or heavy.

It can be an additional burden if it is going to be heavier and more uncomfortable to work. That is why some people like to work barefoot rather than in the wrong slippers. For all of these reasons, experts recommend that you purchase the best sandals and flip-flops available in local stores. There is a wide range of options and colourful designs available today for you to pick and choose what your kids will love the most.

The design of the footwear will be the key determinant in wearing the footwear for a long time without feeling any tiredness. From that perspective, it is important for you to buy the best footwear for your kids, especially for summer. That is how you are going to help kids stay active for a long time without any inconvenience. Inappropriate footwear can cause allergies and inflammation in the sensitive skin areas of a child’s feet. Layered slippers can be the best option for kids sandals.

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Why QuickBooks Hosting Is a Real Big Thing for Accountancy

Jul 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

QuickBooks accounting software is a popular name for accounting professionals who value the technology along with the services. QuickBooks has provided exceptional work support for small and mid-scale businesses, which is the significant reason for its popularity. QuickBooks offers a streamlined process for computing financial reports as well as creating invoice charts for the customers. It provides simplified processes to avoid the complexities of financial accounting, involving cost-efficiency to reduce the additional costing in accounting operations.

Although cloud computing is still running in the race to attain the peak of accounting software, QuickBooks has already made its remarkable way towards this race. Virtualizing and ease of accessibility from any mobile device is becoming a necessity of businesses in this rapidly changing technological era. With the enhancement of productivity scale, work from home, you can’t ignore the business expansion. Also, you will require facilities like mobile devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones so that it won’t be a restriction, irrespective of the geographical locations.

QuickBooks analyzed this benefit relevant to the hosting. So, QuickBooks is ready to make future accounting easy and productive. Here are some reasons that clear out the reason why QuickBooks is becoming a remarkably influential thing for accountancy:

1) Device compatibility and collaboration -

Hosting of QuickBooks is available with PC, tablets, and smartphones. It offers support to all topmost browsers and operating systems. You can access your account from your mobile devices and can work conveniently from anywhere and any time. You don’t require to take your hard drive everywhere to access the financial information. Quickbooks hosting allows you to access your data via the internet.

It also provides collaboration capability while working. It indicates that various users can access the same work or data without any device constraints. Although the number of users accessing the file depends on the subscription, your business opted for your business.

2) Easy and simple interface -

QuickBooks is famous for delivering the best accounting functionalities with a simple user interface. It provides existing features with minimum flaws in the system. Its simple user interface gives easy access to the new user to avoid hurdles in his learnings.

It offers the choices like dedicated server service based on need, timely upgrades in the backend, automation of executing server internet issues, etc.

The automation of maintenance saves your staff time and improves productivity, as they can work without any delay or struggles.

3) Higher data security -

In every business, whether it’s a small or medium, or big scale business, data security is a critical aspect and, it becomes more sensitive when there is financial information involved. Accounting professionals and business owners get concerned with issues like various users access the data from multiple devices, it is prone to data theft.

QuickBooks focus on providing the utmost data security. QuickBooks hosting uses security options like dual backup, password protection, and 128-bit secured encryption for the user’s data. In this way, your data is much safe in the QuickBooks hosting than the on-premises software. Also, the data security and privacy-related information get listed in the contract signed by the user electronically.

4) Updated technology -

QuickBooks keeps on updating its technology at regular intervals of times to maintain its optimum performance levels. Automatic updates ensure well-maintenance of security checks. Swift and systematic updates manage the latest security measures to safeguard the user data.

5) Options of third-party hosting -

The owner of QuickBooks, Intuit, gives authorization to third-party application hosting providers for QuickBooks hosting. Specific rules and regulations need to be followed by the hosting providers to attain the permission, which ensures there is no modification of application performance get delivered.

6) Exceptional support -

It’s easy to use and work comfortably on QuickBooks. However, numerous users are accessing the software, including accounting professionals and business owners. Hence there is a possibility that you will face some issues that may seek technical support. QuickBooks hosting providers ensure that the users will get exceptional technical support round-the-clock. It gives assurance to the users that they can work on QuickBooks with hassle-free access.

7) Managing client’s data conveniently -

Accounting professionals manage an enormous amount of client’s accounting data. The paperwork culture of handling the client’s financial records is usually challenging to manage. Also, there is a possibility of losing the data with the printed documents.

QuickBooks assists accountants and firms in storing the data in a well-defined format.

8) Enhanced productivity at work -

Previously, accountants use to work manually, whether generating the reports, creating invoices, processing the bills, etc. Processing these tasks takes a lot of time and resulting in lower productivity.

Evolution in technology changed the processing of accounting, and now QuickBooks accounting software is there to assist the CPAs to reduce their routine work accordingly. You can conveniently accomplish your regular financial work with some clicks using the software.

The accountants can save the financial data or records in the software and can access it as per their convenience or requirement. It helps to minimize the repetitive work, time-saving so that you can take advantage of other productive tasks.

9) Focused on core accounting -

Situations like repetitive workflow, loss of files, lower productivity may lose the concentration of work for the accountants. It is necessary to handle these situations in time to reduce any hurdle.

With QuickBooks, accountants can reduce the possibility of troublesome events to some level. Handling this situation can help the accountants to focus on managing the client’s data, preparing the profit/loss statements or balance sheets, etc., without thinking of any other disruptions.

As a result, it helps the accountants to analyze the business performance and make appropriate plans for growth.

Finally, we can say that QuickBooks offers a lot of benefits to the users. You can access QuickBooks hosting service at any time without any geographical constraint. Some people think it might be an expensive model, but the users who adopted this model say this is a comfortable and cost-efficient solution.

Appropriate investment in this software will ensure business growth. There are various other options too for accounting software, but as compared to the pricing, QuickBooks provides all the advanced and required features at nominal pricing.

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Tough Tasks: How To Present To Children

Jun 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Getting up in front of an audience to give a speech can be a nerve racking experience. If most of the members of that audience are under the age of 10, it can be downright terrifying. There’s no reason to fear the younger set, you just need to adjust both your speech and how you give it in order to be successful. I’m going to tell you how to do both…

It’s All About What They See

When we talk to an adult audience, we focus first on what we want to say and then if we have time, we’ll think about how we want to say it. When we’re addressing an audience that is made up of kids, this thinking needs to be flipped.

Kids at a young age are primarily visual creatures. If you stand in one place and talk at them, they’ll never pay attention. Talking without doing anything else for more than a couple of minutes will result in your losing your young audience.

Instead, you’re going to need to use visuals as a part of your speech. We’re not talking about just bringing along one thing to hold up at some point during your speech. Rather, you are going to have to have to bring along a whole group of visuals. This also means that while you are rehearsing your speech, you are going to have to plan out what visuals you’ll be using and when you’ll use them.

In This Case, Speed Does Not Kill

As presenters, we try to make sure that we don’t overwhelm our audiences. One way that we do this is to present our information in a measured, moderate pace that we’re sure that they can all keep up with.

However, when you are presenting to a young audience, this is going to be the kiss of death. For kids, slow means boring and boring means that I’m going to be spending my time thinking about other things, not what you are saying.

As speakers, we need to pick up the pace when we are talking to kids. Nothing that we talk about can last for very long. When you are telling a story, you need to quickly get to the point and move on. Kids are not going to sit around waiting for you to build up to your big payoff.

A subtle but very important point is that all of this pick up the pace talk does not mean that you need to talk faster. As adults we talk at about 150 words per minute. However, studies have shown that our young audiences can only process about 124 words per minute. If you speak too quickly, your audience is not going to be able to understand what you are saying and they’ll drift off.

What All Of This Means For You

The good news is that it is possible to give a speech to kids and emerge with your life. However, you can’t give the same type of speech that you would give to an adult audience if you want to be successful.

An audience made up of little kids is fundamentally different from an adult audience. This means that you need to change not only what you say, but also how you say it. Kids tune in and pay more attention if you can make your speech more visual – use props and move around more. They will never permit you to deliver a slow speech – you need to keep things moving quickly.

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Dining Room Furniture for the Present and the Future

Jun 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If yours is a typical household, your dining room is one of the most utilized in the house. Whether your family uses it daily or only for special occasions, you want beauty, durability and functionality all rolled into your dining room furniture.

Individual Furniture Piece Options

Room size, family size and personal decorating style can influence what dining room furniture you will use, and the choices are as varied as there are households.You probably are looking for one of the top three shapes of tables: Most people prefer oval, square or rectangular table tops. Any shape can accommodate additional table spacers that are inserted into the middle of the surface and provide extra room on top and for seating. Not all tables are made to be extended, however. Solid surfaces will remain that shape and size.

Dining room chairs are usually offered as matching options to the table you choose. Most people buy no more than two chairs with arms that are usually placed on opposite ends. Side seating is usually provided by either a bench or individual chairs without arms, which allow that extra placement adjustment space when crowded.

Dark or Light

Almost all room tables are made of wood. Some are molded from pressed wood, but sturdier-and more expensive-pieces are from solid wood pieces screwed or bolted together. What wood color or grain you use is a personal choice. Whether you buy matched chairs or use coordinated pieces for contrast is also a personal decision. There are no hard-and-fast rules to what dining room furniture must comprise.

Most formal rooms, however, tend to present darker woods with a high gloss shine. If room allows, many formal dining rooms have not only the table and chairs but also a sideboard or hutch. You can display the family silver or your best china, knickknacks or special serving dishes or dish collections on them.

In contrast, rooms with a more relaxed atmosphere usually present medium or lighter shades of wood with wide grain patterns. Sideboards and hutches also appear quite often in the informal room, but they are also of a lighter shade than the mahoganies and dark pines of their formal counterparts.

Protecting Your Floor

Regardless of the color, design or style of dining room furniture you choose, strongly consider padding the contact surfaces of your furniture to protect your flooring. The weight of the table, benches, chairs or additional furniture can scratch hardwood floors or compress the piling of carpet or dent laminated flooring. You have invested a lot in your dining room. Protect your furniture and flooring investments that combine to present exactly the look you wish to present.

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Questions For Employee Review Meetings: Present And Future Ideas

Jun 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Employee review meetings are a great way for a supervisor and employee to discuss job satisfaction, productivity and improvement over an established time period. They are commonplace in most businesses today and can almost be a 360-degree review that sees a discussion of everything from peers to customers and back to work.

Performance, teamwork, communication and expectations are all the goals that need to be taken from these meetings. The employer will use these to check disciplinary, promotion, salary increase and goals.

Questions about the present situation

Once the past questions are out of the way, you need to check how the employee is fairing in their current position. Questions about the present could include: what are the current requirements of your job, what do you enjoy about the job, where does your job fit in with the needs of the organization, how do you effect the customers we have and how do you feel you work with the rest of your team. These are all great questions, however, one of the most important is:

- What is the biggest challenge to you at present?

Questions about the future

Past and present situation questions are very important but arguably more important are questions surrounding the employee’s future and the goals or projects that they have to achieve in the next 12 months or so. Questions that might be asked include: how will you job change in the future, where do you need to improve, are there training programs that you need, is there any additional assistance you need to reach the necessary levels of performance, how can management aid your effectiveness and productivity.

- What are your goals for the next 12 months?
- Have your career objectives changed.

You will have set exact goals for the period between this review and the next so it is important to make sure that the employee knows exactly what’s in front of him, and exactly how to do it. Make sure he or she feels that these set goals are achievable and if these are something he is excited to start. Ensure that they have all the tools they need.

The importance of asking about their career objectives is that you will see where their hopes and dreams lie, and where the company fits into these plans. You will see where you need to improve to ensure their retention or how to get the most out of their skills before they look to move on.

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Selecting Great Presents for Christmas

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We’re all aware that buying presents for people at Christmas is sometimes really different and often it feels like a lot more hassle then its worth. It’s common for people to be picky about their presents, so deciding what they would like can be very daunting. Nobody wants to be disappointed by a present they’ve received at Christmas, so if you’re looking to buy a present this year then it’s a good idea to select a gift that is very popular at the moment as you’re pretty much guaranteed a great response. Nomination Bracelets are extremely popular at the moment and a lot of people are planning on purchasing them for their loved ones this year with plans to buy Nomination charms for future special occasions.

Unlike your ordinary charm bracelet, Nomination has altered the structure of the classic charm bracelet. Instead of attaching the charms on to the bracelet, the charms link together to form the bracelet, they interlock and form a solid structure.

To first start off your charm bracelet, you can purchase a starter bracelet which contains plain links that are then gradually replaced by Nomination charms as you receive them or buy them. The starter bracelets come in gold, silver, stainless steel and also coloured stainless steel which includes a copper shade and a gun barrel colour which are extremely popular.

When you’re purchasing a Nomination starter bracelet, you have the choice of selecting a size which ranges from between 14 and 18 links. The average person uses between 18-20 links to fit nicely around their wrist but you can always buy a couple of plain links to fill it in. The charms will replace the plain links when you’re building up your bracelet and if you save up the plain links that you have switched, then it will come to a point where you can attach the plain unused ones together to create a new starter bracelet and then the process will start again! When you build up more than one bracelet, you can attach them together to form a cuff effect.

Nomination charms are available in a range of different materials, including crystal, cubic zirconia, silver, enamel, gold and stones. They come in a range of different styles to and can represent a plethora of different meanings, for example animals, locations, letters, life, luck, messages, nature, peace, faith, special occasions, sport, technology and also fantasia.

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Breakthrough Prostate Cancer Animal Study Presented at International Oncology Conference

Jun 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

One out of every six men in this country is struggling with prostate cancer, and wading through your various treatment options can be confusing. Many factors come into play in your fight against prostate cancer-and being familiar with the latest research is the best way to ensure that you’re making the right decisions for your health. A new pre-clinical study conducted by researchers at the Indiana University Health Methodist Research Institute confirms the dramatic effects of one particular natural formula against aggressive prostate cancer tumors. The study was conducted on laboratory animals using a human xenograft model, which I have outlined below. Lead Investigator Dr. Daniel Sliva presented the latest results of this study to hundreds of researchers and medical doctors in Rhodes, Greece, during the 16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 14th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine, where I also presented on the role of Integrative Medicine and Modified Citrus Pectin in cancer treatment.

In his presentation, Dr. Sliva shared the results of this in vivo (live animal) study, demonstrating the significant effects of the formula in suppressing the proliferation and metastasis of human hormone refractory (androgen independent) prostate cancer cells. In addition, the toxicology analysis proved that this formula is non-toxic and poses no risk of side effects. Dr. Sliva says “dietary supplements are used as alternative or adjuvant therapies, but rigorous scientific verification of their biological activity in vitro and in vivo is necessary for the acceptance of dietary supplements in conventional cancer treatment and prevention.”

This study is significant because hormone refractory prostate cancer (androgen independent) is especially hard to treat. It’s the more aggressive, advanced form of prostate cancer that often leads to metastasis and progression of the cancer.

Formulated with Natural Ingredients Proven to Support Prostate

This all-natural formula I personally designed and recommend to my patients, combines botanical extracts, phytonutrients, botanically-enhanced medicinal mushrooms, and antioxidants. Ingredients were selected based on scientific research demonstrating their abilities to fight prostate abnormalities and provide broad spectrum prostate support.

Formula Inhibits Tumor Growth and Genes Related to Metastasis

Results of the study show that the oral administration of this formula produced a statistically significant suppression of tumor growth, compared to controls. The study was performed using a xenograft model of human prostate cancer in mice. A xenograft model is when tissue or organs from an individual of one species are transplanted or grafted onto an organism of another species, genus, or family. So highly aggressive human prostate cancer cells (tissue) are grafted onto a laboratory animal, which in this case were mice.

In addition to a significant reduction in tumor volume, results of this study showed the formula also worked to inhibit a number of genes involved in cancer proliferation and metastasis. Two interesting genes that were suppressed relate to the metastatic potential and can point out to the ability of this preparation to not only inhibit the primary tumor growth, but also the metastatic process, an even more important benefit in the fight against aggressive prostate cancer.

Study Further Validates Previous In-Vitro Results

This formula has previously been studied at research laboratories at Columbia University, NY, NY and at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute, Indiana University Health, Indianapolis, IN, using in vitro methods (i.e. cell culture studies) and gene expression analysis. These prior studies showed significant results in this formula’s ability to inhibit cancer growth and proliferation.

This present study is a milestone in the research of this formula, because it used a laboratory animal model to test for toxicity and showed how the formula suppressed human prostate cancer tumor growth within a living mammal.

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Presentations – Equipment And Handouts

Jun 14 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

This follows our earlier article which covered the preparation and choosing of the venue for your presentation


With all the equipment available today it is possible to prepare, check, amend and polish a presentation before you enter the venue. No matter what format and equipment you are going to use, you have the opportunity to put together a comprehensive, detailed and convincing presentation. As we have previously pointed out in the Preparation article, the more you do in advance, the better the project will be. This also applies to choice and use of presentation media. From giving just a simple speaking presentation to the most advanced computer assisted one, checking equipment and facilities is extremely important. Obviously, a spoken presentation will require a simple desk or lectern, possibly a microphone and speakers. A sophisticated presentation will require more advanced technical equipment and backup. If you are using a flip chart or white board always make sure you have sufficient marker pens of various colours and erasers available. When using an overhead projector check it is working and is focused correctly before your meeting begins. Also Check your transparencies are in the correct order, are clear and not damaged and focus them so the information is available to all of the guests. Don’t forget to have a suitable pointer to hand as you will probably need one. If your choice is a full PowerPoint computer assisted presentation or similar, you will have done all the preparation in advance. When you arrive at the venue ensure all the services you require are available and in good working order. You will, of course do all this before the presentation and before the guests arrive. The right equipment is a tremendous help when making a presentation. Technology is now so advanced that choosing the right equipment is a pleasure, not a chore. Having the right equipment improves your chances of making a successful presentation.


Most presentations include some sort of handout to give to the guests, possibly a brochure, fact sheet, specification details or maybe a report. Again, this is an important element of your presentation. Always present the information in an attractive folder, rather than using a few sheets of paper stapled together. The cost of small binders or folders is very cheap and will make a much better impression than papers stapled together. If you have printing facilities in your organisation have some folders printed with your logo or other promotional advertising as they will help to advertise your company and also look professional. During your presentation mention the promotional material (handouts) and tell your visitors exactly what they contain. Encourage them to read, examine the information and take it away with them for further study. This method helps to keep your presentation in their minds long after it has been completed. I was once at a presentation in Berlin given by General Motors. They were announcing new models and they handed out three full size A4 ring binders to all the guests, each containing full technical details of the new models. There were about two thousand delegates at that conference so you can imagine the cost of producing, shipping and handling that amount of literature. Obviously General Motors thought it was well worth it. Very few brochures remained in the conference venue after the event. Therefore, you need to give careful consideration to the compilation of your handouts if you are using them. They will become an important part of your promotion.

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