Debt Consolidation Vs Debt Negotiation – What’s Financially Best For You?

Debt consolidation and debt settlement are two options that are used when you are facing the problem of unsecured debts. When your monthly bills are getting difficult for you to handle, then it is a wise option to select any one of these methods.

Consolidation: This is purely a legal method and runs under the full support and the supervision of the financial institutions. When you go to debt Consolidation Company, they offer you lower monthly payments with low rates of interest as well. Debt consolidation companies have already talked with the creditors in this regard. This payment is for sure less than the actual amount. So, it is suggestible for you to save your money and opt for this method to bring the reduction in the amount that you actually have to pay. Another great advantage of debt consolidation method is that credit card companies will stop harassing you and you will not bear the situation of embarrassing phone calls.

The disadvantage of debt consolidation is that in this way you will be losing all your credit cards. Apart from this, you have to submit your monthly payment on regular basis, no matter, what financial problem you are facing at that time. Apart from that, you also have to submit an additional amount of administration fee each month. Debt consolidation methods are good only if you have high interest rate of higher amount of credit card bills

Debt negotiation: debt negotiation is also known as debt settlement. This is mostly offered to those individuals who are unable to manage the debt consolidation programs. If you are not able to make monthly payment in debt consolidation program, then your next step is debt settlement. One of the greatest advantages of debt settlement program is that you will stop making payments to your lenders. Debt Settlement Company takes monthly payments from you and keeps it in the account or allows you to keep the money in your own account. With the help of debt negotiation, person is able to get almost half of the amount waved off easily.

Draw back of debt settlement is that your credit scoring will be negatively affected.

Now you must have got the clear idea about the program which you should select in order to get the best benefit in minimum time.

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