Questions For Employee Review Meetings: Present And Future Ideas

Employee review meetings are a great way for a supervisor and employee to discuss job satisfaction, productivity and improvement over an established time period. They are commonplace in most businesses today and can almost be a 360-degree review that sees a discussion of everything from peers to customers and back to work.

Performance, teamwork, communication and expectations are all the goals that need to be taken from these meetings. The employer will use these to check disciplinary, promotion, salary increase and goals.

Questions about the present situation

Once the past questions are out of the way, you need to check how the employee is fairing in their current position. Questions about the present could include: what are the current requirements of your job, what do you enjoy about the job, where does your job fit in with the needs of the organization, how do you effect the customers we have and how do you feel you work with the rest of your team. These are all great questions, however, one of the most important is:

- What is the biggest challenge to you at present?

Questions about the future

Past and present situation questions are very important but arguably more important are questions surrounding the employee’s future and the goals or projects that they have to achieve in the next 12 months or so. Questions that might be asked include: how will you job change in the future, where do you need to improve, are there training programs that you need, is there any additional assistance you need to reach the necessary levels of performance, how can management aid your effectiveness and productivity.

- What are your goals for the next 12 months?
- Have your career objectives changed.

You will have set exact goals for the period between this review and the next so it is important to make sure that the employee knows exactly what’s in front of him, and exactly how to do it. Make sure he or she feels that these set goals are achievable and if these are something he is excited to start. Ensure that they have all the tools they need.

The importance of asking about their career objectives is that you will see where their hopes and dreams lie, and where the company fits into these plans. You will see where you need to improve to ensure their retention or how to get the most out of their skills before they look to move on.

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